Database Development

One Black Dog Media offers custom database creation to fit your business needs- online and offline.

Online Databases.

Database driven websites allow flexibility that ordinary websites cannot provide. They are perfect for displaying inventory in a convenient manner for your site visitors. Whether you have boats, cars, jewelery or any other kind of merchandise that you want to easily manage, then database development might be just the perfect option. Here are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from a database driven site:


-Boat rentals and boat sales

-Car rentals and car sales

-Campgrounds with rental cabins or rental spaces

-Property management


Offline Databases.

Businesses often have large amounts of data. Sometimes managing that data becomes a problem. We will work with you to custom-create the perfect solution for maintaining and managing your company data. Whether you need to keep track of inventory, sales, deliverables, receivables, or anything else, whether tangible or intangible, we can set up the best solution for you.

Our Goal For You

We try to make the process as painless as possible with our streamlined approach. From beginning to end, you will know that you are working with true professionals that are highly dedicated to the customer.

A Personal Touch

Every step of the way we make sure that you feel that you are being taken care of like no other with a personal touch. From the beginning sales introduction, through the production of your new project, and through the post-production follow-ups, you will always know that you are a valued customer, not just another 'number' to us! We take the effort and time to know our customers by name.


Once we help you create the database that you need, we offer FREE training for you and your staff to get the most out of your new system!